We will not be breeding anymore in the near future.

We offer FULL registration on our English Cream Golden Retriever pups. 

  • Female pups $2000 (Full $500 extra)

  • Male pups $1500 (Full $500 extra)

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A $500 deposit is required to get on this waiting list.

We are currently accepting deposits for our next litter. Contact us first, before making a deposit.

All our puppies are top quality, raised in our home and socialized with tender love &  care. They will be available to their new families at 8 weeks after they are whelped. This way they are surrounded by their siblings and mother and other dogs and all of our family as well as visitors. We think it is a very important time for development and they need to stay with their litter mates and mom at least until 8 weeks.
Our puppies come with appropriate AKC registration papers for pets. Copies of both parents 4 generation pedigree. Puppies will also be micro chipped and vet checked before they leave for their new families.

We make sure each puppy is petted and played with from the beginning. When they get older we handle them more and after about 3 weeks they will take their first steps outside. Our male dog is very loving and enjoys playing with the youngsters. They go for their first vet visit and shots/de-worming at 6 weeks. All puppies are weaned from their mother around 7 weeks.



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Our current scheduled litter will be  $1500 (male) and $2000 (female). Please call for more information or see our current puppies page for more information.

(Full Registration   $500 extra)

To get on our waiting list a deposit of $500 is required, and is not refundable unless the dam would fail to produce enough puppies, if that were to happen your deposit will be returned.
If there is a puppy available for you and you change your mind because of color or for whatever reason your deposit is null and void and will not be refunded to you. We are not breeders that breed strictly for color, we breed for health, temperament, intelligence, and beauty, all being equal in producing a quality puppy.  

The difference needs to be paid in cash, credit card or by money order on the day of the pick-up. (Sorry, no checks accepted)  

There is an additional 3% credit card fee. 

We do not ship world wide. We really prefer for you to pick up your puppy so that the pups can fly as "carry on" home with you.

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